Richard Seaman – Feedback from Presentations

Very informative. Richard was very intriguing and kept our attention, while addressing the coaching we need to improve our dealership.
-Daniels BMW, Reading, PA
Richard was clear, concise, entertaining and the information was useful. He was knowledgeable, well-spoken and easy to relate to. He gave me a great picture of where we are and where we want to be. Great job!
-Valley Auto Dealership Association, Winston-Salem, NC
Beacon Leadership hits the mark every time we have him train our folks. The evaluations from participants are always in the upper 90’s average. Richard is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and he knows our language and day-to-day challenges.
-Stacey DeBarco, Department of Defense, Hill Air Force Base
Richard was great. I was never bored. His energy and enthusiasm kept my attention. He related really well with the class, and kept everyone involved in the presentation. I hope he comes back again.
-BMW District Leadership Training, Columbus, OH
Excellent delivery of needed and useful information. I really enjoyed these two hours. His passion is obvious and contagious.
-Voss BMW, Cleveland, OH
Very good presentation. Not really a lot of new information, but Richard made it exciting and interesting. Everyone was engaged and wanted to participate. Solid material, spot on to our industry and dealership. After just a couple of hours, Richard has become one of us. He appears to really care about us.
-West County Auto Dealers Association, St. Louis, MO
Richard was very professional, yet the atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. The interaction of almost everyone in the room kept everyone awake. The information was presented very clearly and organized. It made sense. He told us exactly why he was here, and then lived up to it. Great job, all around. Thank you.
-Time To Teach Conference on Differentiated Instruction, Orlando, FL
First, I am the guy that never fills these forms out. But to whoever reads my review, Richard Seaman will not disappoint you. I came worried about how I was going to stay awake (rough night), but his entertaining and involving style was just what I needed.  There was a lot of humor, but I have to say that I am going to walk away very motivated to better manage/lead my team!
-FAA Manager’s Association, Washington, DC
Richard came and directed a training discussion to our team of 16 Business Managers who are all involved in management of Multi Family Housing projects in Utah.  In a matter of minutes of the 2 hour training he had everyone’s attention and there was not one person disappointed other than the fact that the training was coming to an end.
Richards well thought out and planned discussion was perfectly aligned to our business and many of the managers asked at the end if he could come back to train their whole team.  For a great learning experience to help your teams become better in your business call Beacon Leadership Development, you won’t be disappointed.
-Spencer Tibbitts, Regional Manager, Alliance Residential