Richard Seaman, PresidentRichard Seaman – Utah-Based Master Trainer/Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Ex-FAA Executive,and Certified Executive Coach

Founded by Richard Seaman, Beacon Leadership has enjoyed over a decade of success and helping others achieve their goals and ambitions. Richard has over 40 years of diverse federal government and private enterprise leadership experience with 10 years of practical, hands-on, leadership consulting experience. For 30 years, he served in the Federal Aviation Administration, where he had a proven track record in being an Air Traffic Controller, trainer, executive coach, motivator, facilitator and leader. He finished his career as their Chief Learning Officer. Richard’s management experience has focused on organizational effectiveness and providing leadership skills and guidance in high-stress environments. His goal is to challenge every individual to be a courageous leader wherever they are in life – both personally and professionally.

He is certified in Instructional System Design and considered a Master Facilitator and Trainer. Richard is certified in several coaching genres, including as an Executive Coach. He is certified in the Wilford-Scholes and Birkman Method™ of assessments, as well as others. He has coached hundreds of people, but more importantly, he loves to see organizations and people improve and experience success.
Richard is a graduate of Brigham Young University, with a degree in accounting. He played football for the mighty Cougars and learned the importance of great leadership and being part of a great team.

Richard resides in Utah with his beautiful wife Carla of 38 years. They have five children and nine grandchildren.


Lars Anderson – Colorado-Based Expert in Leadership Development, Customer Service, Mediation, and Program Management and Implementation

Lars Anderson retired from the Federal Aviation Administration as a National Implementation Manager. He was an Air Traffic Controller for the first 19 years of his career where he negotiated national contracts and fulfilled a national bargaining unit position.  The last 9 years he was in management 3 as a frontline manager and 6 as an upper level manager.  During his 28 year career he was part of or managed national training teams and implementation teams for Communications and electronic information automation systems. The last 5 years he managed the implementation of the largest automation modernization project the Federal Aviation Administration ever completed.  Lars has a unique skill set as he has held national bargaining unit and national management positions.  His experiences on the national level focused on effective team dynamics, facilitating collaboration and providing leadership skills in high stress situations.

After retirement he started Anderson Air Traffic Consulting and joined forces with Beacon Leadership development.  He has assessed, coached, developed and delivered training, produced implementation schedules and large scale program management strategies. He is a certified Life and Executive Coach from Transformation Academy, he has coached clients from the US Military, Federal Government and private industry.  As a certified Mediator for the Colorado Federal Executive Board he has mediated cases for the United States Forest Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Lars is considered an expert in Leadership Management, Leadership Development, Team building, Collaborative work group training, Customer Service and Program Management and Implementation. He also managed teams up to 80 people across several lines of business where he proved his skills in communication, motivation, and coaching.  Lars loves building relationships, he loves helping people find direction and satisfaction augmenting their lives and careers with enthusiasm and zeal.

Other then training and coaching, Lars’s passions include his family, traveling, anything outdoors, church and community service.  He has volunteered at the local community kitchen for the past 10 years.  He enjoys running and biking with his best friend and wife of 32 years and spending time with his two sons 24 and 19.

His love of life and his ability to build relationships draws people to him, coupled with a desire to create quality leaders he is an asset to any team.


ScotScot Reid – Principal, Reid & Company. www.Gotoreid.com

Scot received an MBA from BYU and gained the trust of many Business Leaders within the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. His 25 years of expertise is implementing practical solutions that deliver results while focusing on the root cause. Scot has been effective working in diverse industries including: Bioscience, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical Device, Defense and Pharmaceutical. He works with employees at all levels, from large Fortune 500 Corporations to small emerging businesses.